Matias One keyboards controls your iPad and the computer

by ruchi

The computer peripherals segment seems to be undergoing a major revamp. Just some days back we had Snapkeys i2 app bidding an adieu to QWERTY style keypads and today it’s the new lineup of keyboards from Matias, which, besides your computer, will also control your iPad and iPhone. The transition between your computer and iOS device will be seamlessly executed by a press of a key alone. These One Keyboard come built with buckling spring keys which can very well impress the typists.

The flagship model is tagged as the One Keyboard ($100) is a full size USB keyboard with a built-in two-port USB 2.0 hub and a full numeric keyboard and inverted-t directional buttons. There is an in-built cradle for iPhone and iPod Touch and a single button allows instantly switch to using the keyboard with the iPhone or Touch. The next one in the row is a Slim One ($80) laptop-style keyboard which has styling similar to the current USB Apple keyboards.
Last but not the least is the Tactile One version ($200), another full-sized model with a thicker body to accommodate the full Alps-style mechanical keyswitches, along with a 3-port USB 2.0 hub. All except this one are presently available from company’s website and will soon arrive on other shelves too. Pre-orders are currently being accepted for the Tactile One.

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