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Mat that monitors heart rate and respiration to know how deep you sleep developed in Japan

by bharat

Today our hectic lifestyle has made most of us insomniacs. We’re unable to catch up a good night’s sleep and are thus forced to have long tiring days at work. But there is a health monitor manufacturing company by the name of Tanita out there in Japan that’s working on ways to help us understand our sleeping activity. Tanita has developed version 2.0 of Sleep Scan mat – their sensor-equipped mat that measures your pulse rate, breathing pattern and body movement to measure the depth of your sleep. All you have to do is just place the mat under your mattress. All the sensed data is collected and stored on a removable 2GB SD card and then analyzed via custom-made software.

Measuring 863×314×26mm, the Sleep Scan mat weighing 1.3kg will be released in Japan on August 10 for an estimated price of 30,000 Yen (approx. $380). The mat’s 2GB SD card is good to store data of about 500 odd sleep cycles, which can be reviewed and analyzed by uploading on a PC or tablet. By calculating and analyzing your sleep activity with the Sleep Scan Mat you will be in a better position to understand why you twist and turn in the bed so much and when it is the right time to see a specialized doctor for insomniac treatment.


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