Mass Effect 3 to launch on Xbox, PS3 and PC simultaneously

by Gareth Mankoo

Great news for Xbox gamers looking to switch platforms but are die hard Mass Effect fans. The game’s third rendition will be out in full power, across gaming platforms. So you can enjoy it on a PC, Xbox and PS3. The game has jumped across platforms and has given gamers who dig Sony’s merchandise, a lot to look forward to. The co-founder of Bioware, the game’s manufacturers, says, “At BioWare, we are always driving ourselves to improve and I firmly believe our best work is still ahead of us”. He continues, “We could not be prouder of the team’s accomplishments with Mass Effect 2, and are excited and humbled by all of the recognition the game has received so far. We can’t wait to show you what the team is doing to make Mass Effect 3 an even bigger success.”

The game is expected to launch in January 2011. The trailer is totally sweet.

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