Marvel and Disney come out with Creativity Studio app, stylus

by Gareth Mankoo

Who said that the days of original comic superhero glory have faded. A few loyal cronies and myself still pride ourselves in the collections of age-beaten copies we have hoarded and keep ‘doodling’ new concepts of possible super heroes we could introduce to the world. All said and done, this is a great way for everyone to enjoy a share of good things that are steadily rolling in from the likes of Marvel and DC Comics. In fact, the former has tied up with Disney recently to announce a new Creativity Studio app. Armed with an accompanying stylus, the app allows folks to develop their very own and original comic character. The duo have achieved this through a collaboration with eKids. Disney have an existing Creativity Studio app but have upgraded it in order to make it compatible with the stylus.

The Creativity Studio app is free on the Apple App Store but the stylus will set you back $35. It is sold in select major retail stores in a deluxe version with a zippered carrying case. So much for the frills, I say.

[Via – Latintimes]

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