Mars One decides to send people to planet Mars forever

by Gavril Mankoo

Planning a trip to Mars? All you need to do now is pick up that camera, wipe the dust off it and clean the tripod, set it all up and shoot a video of just why you think you should be selected for a trip to the planet. Once done, mail it in to Mars One with a fee and you might just win a chance to travel to Mars! The Netherlands-based nonprofit organization, Mars One, will begin accepting video applications from this July, charging a fee that will help keep away trolls. The fee will go up to $25, depending on the area you hail from, with the less-fortunate localities paying less.

The selected candidates will then be strapped into a seat on a spaceship and fly off to space by 2023! The downside is that this trip is one-way, meaning that those who leave, will never return to planet Earth and are expected to colonize the red planet instead! To send the first four astronauts into space, Mars One requires nearly $6 billion, which is why the organization is collecting a fee token from prospective colonists.

[Via – Space]

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