A marriage in Tokyo’s busiest train lines is writ in mass communication history

by Gareth Mankoo

It is common knowledge to all those who have been to or live in Japan that Tokyo’s Yamanote Line is undoubtedly one of the most heavily used routes. It is the backbone to the city’s most accessed business, education, and entertainment districts thus leading the frenzy during rush hours. There are no express trains that pass through Yamanote so passengers take it for granted that every passing train is bound to stop here. Yet, on October 14th, which was a public holiday (Fitness Day in Japan) passengers saw the indicators telling of a train that would pass by. It so turned out that the day was also Train Day in Japan (never knew they commemorated so many ‘days’ there). So, in celebration, Japan Railways took applications from couples who wanted to marry on the Yamanote Line. One lucky pair was selected and was given a free ride for the proceedings to take place.

This particular train was also rigged with unique interior displays that indicated upcoming stations and transfers. Well, that’s a wild ride these two have strutted off to and why not, it’s not everyone who gets a chartered train for a wedding ride.



[Via – Rocketnews24]

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