Mark your territory with thermochromic furniture

by Gareth Mankoo

Some innovations are meant to embarrass while others are just thoughts put to action. The ‘Linger a Little Longer’ concept by Jay Watson speaks in dual tones of both. Basically a thermochromic bench and table that marks the heat from your body on its bring with color markings, the concept is quite an amusing one. The wooden texture of people’s forearms, placed idly on the table and their voluptuous hindquarters are quite enticing to look at, mostly. On cooling down, the furniture returns to its original shade. It does come in various shades, made available by request. Do make a note that warm objects like coffee mugs can also cause the table to change its color.

Linger a Little Longer can be yours for £1,850 ($3,007). Just the bench could be yours for £450 ($731).