Mario Maker allows gamers to create their own Super Mario Bros levels!

by Gavril Mankoo

Let’s not deny it. The world of video-gaming might have reached unimaginable heights, with new technology being pooled in nearly every now and then. This hasn’t made us lose any love for the classics however and between games of Modern Warfare and Watch Dogs, we do spend a considerable amount of time helping Mario find his princess. This is just a recent piece of gossip made us scream with delight and bounce around the room with joy! Here’s bringing to you Mario Maker, a Mario game that literally enables you to build your own levels! These levels can also be shared with other Mario Bros players around the world, enabling you to challenge your friends to your deviously ingenious puzzles.

Mario Maker will hit store shelves next year and users can play the typical sideways-scrolling 2D Mario with 8-bit graphics from the older game or the slightly better graphics from the New Super Mario Bros U. things turn a lot more exciting on hitting the level editor button. Here, users can add walls, enemies, pipes and a bunch of more obstacles while creating levels. We’re looking forward to giving everyone else a hard time by creating levels so difficult, even we won’t complete that easily!