Mario in real life, 5 foot figure available on Amazon Japan

by Shayne Rana

When it comes to rescuing princesses, battling fierce turtle-like creatures in the sewer pipes, they don’t always call on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Back in the good old days a couple of little Italian plumbers did the job without a hitch. The Super Mario Brothers have captivated audiences for decades and are still quite popular in many parts of Asia and North America. So to commemorate his outstanding achievement in princess rescue, Mario is now being made available in a full-length, 5 foot (185 cms) model.

We’re presuming that 5 feet is pretty much what he’d be like in real life considering Mario’s brother Luigi is so much taller, so it seems about right. He’s also 30 inches wide (76cm) and about 26 inches (67 cm) in depth, a little pudgy just like his gamer profile. Amazon Japan is selling this life sized figures up for grabs for a whopping $2905 (285,000 YEN). That seems like quite a bit to pay for the ‘little’ guy unless you’re a hardcore Nintendo game fan or one of the famous character. Nevertheless he’s put there now, bigger than ever, in a manner of speaking, all encased in Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) so he’s quite sturdy. Expect thee to five week shipping though. Can you wait that long?


[Available at Amazon-Japan]

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