Marc Jacobs Headphones is washable, hygiene freaks thrilled

by Gareth Mankoo

Though most of us may consider it to be obsessive behavior, fussing over the cleanliness of headphone muffs is quite a valid concern. Through the day, your headphones are in direct contact with sweat, dandruff, dust and grime, especially if you’re using the same ear-gear for the gym or for a jog. Thankfully, designer Marc Jacobs and Swedish headphone developers, Urbanears have joined forces to create headphones that keep the hygiene up high without losing the swag. The ‘Humlan’ headset range is specially designed in such a manner that the headband and the ear cushions can be detached and put to wash, along with your regular clothes. To add to the style, the Urbanears x Marc by Marc Jacobs touches the overall design with a pinch of light, easy colors.

marc-jacobs-headphones-9The colors on the headset are mainly inspired by nature with ocean blue, berry red and the spectral shades of a rainbow. All of this with a headset that not only sounds good but is also healthy to wear on your ear after washing, for $60.









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