Marantz’s latest SACD player, the SA-15S2 rocks

by deepa

Here’s a fresh product for all those who belong to the CD generation .Marantz presents the latest CD player, the SA-15S2. Except looks, this one has nothing common from the original Series Two player. Tweaked with better features and components to dole out outstanding acoustic pleasure, this one takes cues from the flagship 5,000 GBP Sa-7S1. This top-quality disc spinner comes with improved power supply for better sound quality. It is also fitted with a display off function which is meant to minimize high frequency noise interference. Inside the aluminum casing, you can find the newly developed SACD-M10 mechanism that serves a superb sound quality with faultless depth. It is the first SACD player in the Marantz Premium series that can also play MP3 and WMA files in addition to conventional CDs and SACDs.

Furthermore to deliver superior sound quality, HDAM and HDAM-SA2 technologies are used in the analogue audio circuit. This along with the CS4398 D/A Converter from Cirrus Logic, promises exceptional dynamic and detailed acoustic indulgence. It is also provided with a digital (optical) input. This means, users can connect a DVD player, Music server, PC or any other source appliance with a digital optical output. All this for just 1,700 GBP ($2,800).
Via – [Luxurylaunches]