Maneghini Refrigerators can beautify your kitchen beyond compare

by Gareth Mankoo

All thanks to the wonderful designs by Maneghini Refrigerators and Freezers, we can now hope for a 100% swanky kitchen. Everything, from cutlery cabinets to kitchen sinks have been giving us a new form of cooking meals with technology and supreme design going hand in hand. Somehow, a perfect fridge managed to stay out of the artists’ hands until Maneghini designs came along. The only ordinary piece of ‘kitchenery’ is out; replaced with an exquisite, ornate cooler that looks more like something from a British Museum.

With products that cost something around $10,000 or more you can really not have two thoughts about it. Like a design? Pick it. That’s what can get your kitchen from a grandma’s den to a futuristic food house.
Via – [Luxurylaunches]

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