Man sets out to build full-scale Millennium Falcon, interior and all

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s quite an absurd thought to have a full-size, 1:1 scale Millennium Falcon parked somewhere in this realm. But soon shall be. Chris Lee is one bloke who is going to make sure that this distant fantasy will be made into reality. He has bought 7 years of hope from us in exchange for what should be a 117-foot replica of the Star Wars space vehicle. This could trigger off some serious funding if he does put work to word. But it remains to be seen

The vital specs of the model are as follows: Length: 114 feet, Beam (docking ring to docking ring): 81.485 feet, Height to top of body (not counting quad-laser turret): 24.878 feet, Height to top of dish: 30.889 feet, Clearance: ground to landing gear bay level: 7.779 feet, Clearance: ground to outside bottom of cockpit tube: 13.081 feet

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