Maingear launches Remix series of high performance workstations

by mohsin

High performance PC maker MAINGEAR has now launched the Remix series of workstations which offer Intel 45nm “Nehalem” i7 Quad-core processor, Intel X58/ICH10R chipsets, Nvidia GPU Quadro CX and M-audio peripherals to provide professionals with industry’s most demanding and memory-intense 3D apps, graphic simulators, projects and professional studios works. Additionally, the Remix workstations are hand-built with advanced insulation materials, water-cooled with whisper-quiet CoolIt Systems and customizable in a variety of color finishes and powerful components from Intel i7 Extreme quad core, 12GB of DDR3 memory, 10,000 RPM SATA II storage to 1.5GB of Quadro-grade GPU memory.

The base Remix will cost you a hefty of $2,000, and will be offered in Black, Silver, Electric Blue, Inferno Red, Alpine White, and Speed Yellow.

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