Luxurious Bath Tubs With 42″ Plasma TV

by Dhiram Shah

We had earlier posted about Casio’s waterproof DVD player with LCD but if you have a beachfront villa you are not going to settle with that. You will soak in a bathtub with Plasma TV, DVD player and surround speakers. A company CalSpas offers a wide range of ultra-luxury entertainment series which come with a 42″auto-rising plasma TV with DVD player, CD-playing surround sound speakers with subwoofers, LED lights, exercise equipment, lounge seats, LED waterfalls and exclusive adjustable Therapy system to name a few! CalSpas allows you to make your own spa with such gizmos and 20 different color and texture selections to match the look of your backyard.

An array of high-end features also delivers a complete therapeutic water session: 49 super-charged jets; unique Adjustable Therapy System with up to 14 dedicated jets for the neck, back, and lower body; and advanced technology for the best in filtration, pump, ozonation, and cabinetry.

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