Lumus 720p see-through video glasses offer 3D HD, lighter on eyes

by Gareth Mankoo

You may have spent a fortune on those high-end video glasses that not only look bulky, but feel uncomfortable too. Sometimes, those blinding you can also be a real pain. The solution? Go on and cheer for the Lumus 720p, see-through glasses. These offer you the Minority Report-like effect with a see-through video effect. This way, you aren’t blinded by the bulk of these glasses and can interact with the real world. This magic is achieved with the help of light pumps in the earpiece that refracts light down the lens. The glasses can also be tuned to meet the needs of those with vision ailments. At the end of the day you have a mammoth 87-inch display simulation, placed ten feet before your eyes. Video after jump.

Lumus is looking out for probable partners who can go on and implement the technology with the credits it deserves. CES will be the testing and revealing ground for these glasses.

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