Luck Favors the Lucky Dragon phone

by yogesh

If the Gilded Buddha Phone inspired you towards some feng shui and inner peace, then may be you would want to try some luck with M1’s Lillian Too Lucky Dragon phones. The Malaysian lady is a well-known follower of the ancient Chinese practice and believes the phone will be lucky for those who carry it. The phone features a prominent dragon on its back. It is encrusted with 288 little zirconia gems, with big red ones depicting the eyes and a pearl near the mouth. The phone comes with the number 8 trinket ((signifying wealth in Chinese) and comes only in red signifying “fire element to ensure financial success.” The phone includes 12 Chinese Zodiac wallpapers for the devout. Specs include 6MB of built-in user memory expandable via its microSD card slot, 2-MP cam, and 176 x 220 resolution screen.

This Lucky Dragon phone is an M1 exclusive and is available from the Singapore operator at S$168 with a 2-year contract or S$668 without. An explanation on the Lucky Dragon phone’s box says that it was designed to “generate auspicious energy every time you hold and use it”, and that you can “activate good chi every time you make or receive a phone call.”

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