LucasArts to intro Wii Light Sabre in UK next week

by yogesh

The concept of a Light Sabre for the Wii was seeded in December 2006, when the MacSaber’s developer, Isnoop, announced the WiiSaber. LucasArts later confirmed that that a Star Wars game based around use of a Light Sabre is on its way to the Wii. Gamers will need to use the Wii’s controller as a Light Sabre as its motion-orientated controllers will be able to “bring the game to life.” The Wii Remote will be used as a Light Sabre, while the nunchuk will be used to “torment foes with their Force powers”. With this to whet the gamers appetite, British fans are going to simply freak out at the when they get the first glimpse of Wii Light Sabre peripheral at a gaming festival being held later this month, at the GameCity festival, between 24 and 28 October.

LucasArts has not mentioned whether the Wii Sabre or the game will be available for sale at the festival, the demo should at least gives gamers the chance to wield the Light Sabre ahead of the previously announced Spring 2008 release date.

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