Louvre Museum to use Nintendo 3DS to guide visitors around

by Gavril Mankoo

If you’ve been an aficionado of art, you’d probably recognize this crystal pyramid to be the Louvre, one of the world’s finest museums. Now, bringing technology to the world of all that’s aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, the Louvre has joined hands with Nintendo for 5,000 3DS devices that will replace the obsolete audio-guides. Currently, these audio-guides cost about six Euros, roughly about $7.81 with just 4% of the total 8.5 million visitors making use of the facility. While the 3DS might make visitors blow away a few more dollars, the device will have on offer visual representations of their location in the Louvre and will be informed on current exhibits and those up ahead. And if you aren’t too fascinated by these fancy devices, the Louvre has on offer applications for smartphones and iPads that’ll help you around the museum on your trusted device!

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