Lost 1969 Lunar Landing footage recovered, clips to be shown at 2010 Australian Geographic Society Awards

by Shayne Rana

When Apollo 11 landed on the moon and Armstrong’s said those legendary words, the world stood quietly together and watched in awe. The thing is, they didn’t really watch the whole thing. It seems there’s a bit of recovered footage that has a little bit more that we haven’t seen. For the first time since the landing, this lost footage will be screened and the venue is the 2010 Australian Geographic Society Awards in Sydney. The event will be held on 6th October and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is going to be the guest of honor. The video that will be run will feature highlights of the three-hour moonwalk and a clearer picture of Neil Armstrong’s descent down the stairs of the lunar module. However at the event only a few select scenes will be shown but NASA may release the full length video a little later.

What’s quite surprising is that it’s taken almost a decade to find this original; footage of the landing. Whatever happened to it in the first place? If I were to start thinking conspiracy theory, I’d wonder why it was under wraps for so long. At the time of the Moon landing, three stations – Goldstone in California, Honeysuckle Creek in Canberra, and Parkes in New South Wales – simultaneously recorded the events onto magnetic data tape. So finally we’ll get to see footage from all three sources in one long movie length video.
Australian Geographic

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