Los Angeles accomplishes the world’s largest drive to retrofit street lamps with LED

by Sayan Chakravarty

It’s a known fact that LED lights are much superior to incandescent lamps and is gaining popularity for its environment friendliness. Los Angeles wants to lead as an example and has gone on an overdrive to retrofit the street lamps with LED lights. Bureau of Street Lighting, Los Angeles area, claims they have swapped 141,089 street bulbs with LED lights in phase one, which is much ahead of any other city. The city authorities partnered with Clinton Climate Initiative and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group to move ahead with this initiative.

According to the bureau, Los Angeles has been able to bring down the energy consumption by more than 63% and reduce carbon by 47,583 metric tons a year. LED lights don’t come cheap as the technology isn’t finding many users. It’s the same dilemma CFL bulbs faced when they first came in. Such initiatives will increase the demand of LED lights by many folds which can potentially bring down the prices. In the second phase, authorities plan to retrofit 70,000 decorative street lamps with LED.


[Via – Inhabitat]

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