Longhorm M16 and M18 PMP

by Dhiram Shah

Nothing to do with Windows Vista the M16 from Chinese manufacturer Longhorm features a 3.5 inch TFT dispaly with 16:9 image ratio. The M16 does not have onboard memory but has SD/MMC card slot and accept cards from 32 MB to 2 GB. It supports MP3, WMA and MPEG 4 media formats it can also display JPEG/BMP/GIF and txt files. You can record video from TV/DVD/VCD/DV in MPEG-4 format. Audio can be recoreded in MP3 from external sources like Audio / CD player or the inbuilt FM radio. The M16 connects to the PC via USB 2.0 and is compatible with Windows 98 and up.

A 1600 Mah Lithium Polymer battery poweres the M16. The M16 and M18 shares the same features except the M18 has 4 inch screen and 2000 mAh battery. Pricing and availability is not known.

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