London Bins are armed with touch-screen LCDs

by Gareth Mankoo

London is the city we know for the finest sporting facilities, double-decker buses, and of course, the mighty bridge. Now what may well be a real defining factor for the exquisite city is the fresh batch of LCD-equipped bins. This may be a special trick to catch eyeballs at the Olympics, but is useful nonetheless. The bins will be called the Renew Bins and will use the LCD to enable pedestrians with travel updates and news. They will also double up as mobile hotspots. Currently, about 25 units with two screen each be placed around the city and they’re hoping for a sponsor anytime now.

The Renew Bins project cost GBP 30,000, each. Over the 21-year contract, they will cost GBP 500,000, according to a source. Yes, I do hope they get a sponsor soon.

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