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Logitech GT Force FX Steering wheel for PS3

by Dhiram Shah

With just a few hours to go for the Playstation 3 Japan launch here we have the Logicool GT Force FX steering wheel (Logitech = Logicool in Japan). It connects to the PS3 via USB. Armed with force feedback for an immersive gaming experience the steering wheel has 12 buttons and a turning angle of 200 degrees. Long hours of racing result in sweaty palms but you can stop worrying about that as the wheel has a nice rubber grip around it. It comes with a dual clamp system to fix it on the table and with the lap attachment you can place it comfortable on your knee. The kit comes complete with pedal controls.

The Logicool GT Force FX Steering wheel will be an ideal companion if you are buying Ridge Racer 7. The wheel will hit stores tommorow in Japan and retail for 9,980 Yen ($ 85)
Dual clamp system
With the lap attachment

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  1. Egis

    not working on F1 lates edition on PS3. Other games ok


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