Logitech conjures up durable iOS keyboard called Key-to-go

by Gareth Mankoo

Now while many may argue about the name ‘Key-to-go’ for an Apple accessory, the swag factor wouldn’t as much bother loyalists who’ve been looking for more durability in the line of accessories. For starts, Logitech has given the keypad all the durability to survive a clumsy user. The keyboard accessory packs mechanical keys and waterproof covering. Though this leaves out a massive chunk of iPad users, the keyboard does well to cover iPhone and Apple TV devices. The FabricSkin that sheaths the keyboard protects it from significant spills and stains while users can still enjoy using the mechanical keys. The device is 9.53 inches long and nearly half a foot tall, making it ergonomic for all finger sizes.

The Logitech Key-to-go will be available in teal, pink and red for $69. There’s no date put to the release but from where we’re now, we can safely predict it to be next month.