Logitec LBT-HP100C2 Bluetooth earphones

by Dhiram Shah

Logitec Japan (not related to Logitech) has announced LBT-HP100C2 Bluetooth clip on earphones. They are compatible with hardware supporting Bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP profiles. A microphone is located is near the earphone clip so you make and receive phone calls as well as Vo-IP calls. An interesting feature is that the earphones can be paired simultaneously with an MP3 player as well as a mobile phone. So you can receive a phone call with a simple touch of a button when listening to music and switch back to music playback by pressing the button again. The onboard Lithium Ion battery is good for 6 hours of playback and can be charged via AC adapter or USB.

Logitec LBT-HP100C2 Bluetooth earphones measures 44×27×37mm and weigh 44 grams. They will hit stores in Japan by mid March and sell for 7800 Yen ($ 65)

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