Live your dream of being a cartoon superhero at Manga Through Science exhibition in Japan

by bharat

Did you ever in your childhood or youth build a dream of being amid cartoon characters in some sort of a cartoon world? If yes, then your dream world is just about realized at Experience Manga Through Science exhibition at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Miraikan in Odaiba, Tokyo. Manga, as they call their cartoon characters in Japan, are being simulated using current technologies at the exhibition. Experience Manga Through Science exhibition is divided into five sections, each featuring one famous Japanese magna (cartoon).

So, come to the exhibition and be the super hero or heroine you’ve wanted to be in your fantasy world. Be the Cyborg 009 – put on a pair of stop motion goggles and kill invisible enemies or stare at a specially made display to let your eyes move to create images in a room. If want to play your loved Doraemon, then step on to the other area of the exhibition where what you say is turned into text that is projected on a screen where on screen cartoons and react to it. Tickets will cost you ¥1,300 (approx. $17) for adults and ¥700 (approx. $22) for children under 18.