Limited edition Real LaserVue 55LSR3BK from Mitsubishi comes in glossy black with Red Laser technology

by sam

Mitsubishi has already unveiled the Real LaserVue 55LSR3 some time back and it has managed to garner plenty of popularity and some great reviews from highly acclaimed sources. And considering the success of the 55LSR3, the company has gone ahead and launched the next in line with the 55LSR3BK. The new television on display at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition for the very first time and while many of the features of the predecessor of the 55LSR3 remain the same, there are a couple of essential differences that go on to become its biggest selling points.

For starters the Real LaserVue 55LSR3BK will be produced in Limited Edition ‘glossy black’ version, with both the panel and the bezel adopting the color. Mitsubishi made this decision after considering the growing demand for the color and how it is far more popular than the matte bronze look of the previous version. But the ‘difference maker’ is the new red Laser technology adopted by the 55LSR3BK, which will offer clearer images, more color depth, greater contrast and picture quality. The LED backlighting of laser color red + cyan ensures that images truly come to life and that they appear true to their natural shades and texture.

The Real LaserVue 55LSR3BK comes with 1,920 × 1,080 Full HD resolution and is 3D enabled. The 55-inch screen promises the best of entertainment with surround sound, automatic recording capabilities and smart quality promised by Mitsubishi and is set to be priced around $4800 ( 380000 Yen).