Limited Edition R2-D2 DVD projector will someday project holograms

by Gareth Mankoo

The rebel army couldn’t be happier to find something as useful as an R2-D2 that projects videos across the room. Of course, to beat the Empire forces you need more than that. Something as swag as a hologram projector that projects live communication messages. But there’s a time for everything. For now, Artoo, an R2-D2 unit that projects DVD movies is something that we can live with. Home entertainment can be a great substitute to communication, especially when you have a destroyers headed your way. The projector will have an integrated iPod dock, special connections for gaming consoles and AV ports. The unfortunate part is that not everyone will be able to get their hands on this Artoo unit if they do not move fast.

The Artoo R2-D2 unit will be produced in a single, limited edition run that sees only 4000 pieces manufactured for Europe. Each unit will be available with a numbered certificate. If you taste sour grapes then let me tell you, it also has a Millennium Falcon remote control. Now?

[ Via : Gran-Fondo-Online ]

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