Limited Edition Eevee Nintendo 3DS XL for Pokemon fans

by dhiram

Japanese gamers are get more than their share of exclusive limited edition Nintendo DS handhelds. The recent Pokemon 3DS LL was a sell out in less than 24 hours and to feed the fan’s demands Pokemon center has announced a limited edition Eevee Nintendo 3DS XL. This one would not be sold on a first serve basis but rather in a unique lottery system where buyers would be randomly picked from a list. The limited edition Eevee 3DS XL will be a Pokémon Center-exclusive, featuring stripes with Eevee colors along with a cute design on the back and a white interior.

Although money would not be a object for someone waiting to get his hands on the Limited Edition Eevee Nintendo 3DS XL it will sell for 18,900 Yen ($ 190).

[Via – Siliconera]

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