Lime Green Motorola RAZR

by Dhiram Shah

Frankly speaking I have lost count of the number of colors the RAZR is available. After Black, Blue, Red, Pink, etc here is the Lime Green RAZR. Though it is not officially announced by Motorola yet the images look pretty convincing.



  1. something

    Yeah this is pretty cool. i would never want a bright green phone though, but i’m sure that was thought about before the pink razr. It’s the super sexy “Green Honda ELement” green that’s so attractive, i think .Definately a winner.

  2. Gary

    hi, where can i purchase a lime green razr?

  3. Emsy

    hello, where can i purchase this phone, does it come in Verizon, and how much does it cost?

  4. Alex

    Hey this phone is sweet where can i get it and please say it comes in Verizon

  5. Kaylee

    hey i really want this lime green razr for x-mas. i want to know where can i get it and for how much. please i am desprate for this phone. this x-mas wont be very merry without it-thanx!

  6. ctownchick

    Hey, this phone is my favorite color. Where can i get it and how much does it cost, and does it come in Verizon Wireless. If my mom kows how much it is and where to get it she’ll get it for me for x-mas.

  7. Heather

    i want this phone for christmas, is it available for cingular customers and when does it go on sale!?

  8. jenna

    where can i get this phone?
    I want this ASAP T.T

  9. Chelsey

    i want this phone for xmas,is it available for ceullar one customers?

  10. keyshia

    thats a cute cell but i want the ice blue razr now that is soo cute i want it sooo badly…guess what im getting it 4 x-mas haha dont hate bitches

  11. sam

    HEY, like where can i get this phone….um…when is it going to be out for sale?? (like the offical date)….(OO, and I need anwsers quick I might change my mind)

  12. erin

    Hey i luv this razor please say that is is for sprint cstimurs cuz i wil get it

  13. LAMA

    I WANR IT WHERE CAN I GET IT!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS THING, where can I buy one?

  14. lindsey

    OMFG! i want this phone so badly and if you like dont put it into stores i will be SO MAD and all of hteise other people will too! how much is it? and can i get it at kentucky oaks mall A.S.A.P?????????????????????????? PLEASE!

  15. sawa

    OMG!!! i want this phone soo bad!! will it be out before febuary cause thats when i upgrade. will it be avalable for verizon wireless customers? bye bye

  16. Kool Kid

    I want this phone so bad is it avalable for verizon customers?
    Also will it be out before febuary?………Thanx………

  17. lime green freak

    um will they sell this for t mobile custormers?

  18. FDM

    I saw an Alltel commercial where Chad is using this green razr so I would assume that Alltel will be getting them.

  19. edigg

    will they sell this for sprint customers???

  20. staubalob

    i love this color…how much is it and does cingular have it for sale?

  21. Green Queen

    omg!! please tell us when we can buy these it matches my ipod and my laptop


    Hey and hello i am getting this phone from my gramma so pleez tell me if its out!
    i need to know!
    my gramma needs to know too!
    i, just pleez tell me the info who ever can!

  23. ken

    this is the korean version….thats why those 3 metal dots are on the back for the type of charger they use over there…thats why it doesnt have the usb port

  24. whatev

    OMG i luuuuv this cell please tell me when it gets out….also tell me about the ice blue cell that sounds awesome too!!

  25. Traci

    Are these phones for sale yet in this color because I totally want one!

  26. Traci

    Does Alltel have these yet?

  27. Bridgette!

    I want this phone but my cousin said that i cant have it… I have a silver razor… might break mine so i can get the green one!! 🙂

  28. eightdjr

    yeah my wife wants this lime green phone too and she is with sprint so i hope i can get it for her soon she has a b-day coming soon it would be a nice presant for her…….

  29. rebecca

    i sell these lime green razr’s on ebay. i also sell the neon orange and the neon green. ebay id:powellsvinyl

  30. Veronica

    This phone is in my favorite color. Please let me know when it is for purchase. Please tell me Alltell is going to get this phone???

  31. Julie

    omgg i loveee it. greens my favoritee color! its so cute i want it. DOES IT HAVE IT AT T-MOBILE?? please tell me it does.

  32. Kelsey

    I luv the green Razr! Please tell me that Verizon Wireless has this phone. when does this phone come out in stores because I want the phone for my B-day because I’m turning 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. randy

    I luv the green Razr! Please tell me that Verizon Wireless has this phone. when does this phone come out in stores(exact date) because I want it 4 my B-day!!!:)

  34. Karri

    You guys should totally make this color RAZOR Green is my all time favorite color and i’m in love with this phone!!!!! =]

  35. Elizabeth

    I need the Lime Green Razr (Lazr)! I am begging everyone for it but no one will get me one!:(

  36. iyesha

    i hade a dream about this phone and i want it is it avalibale at sprint

  37. kim

    Where can you buy a lime green razr??

  38. amanda martinez

    this phone is pimpin and its totally cool because it is lime green

  39. time4lime

    omg LOVE the colour!!!
    when is this phone coming out and where abouts can i find it???

  40. Emily

    i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want this phone times infinity. when does it come out and how much is it?

  41. Annie

    can you get this phone from Verizon and how much is it?

  42. Jordan!

    OMG. i love this color & i really want it so plz tell me when & where i can get it ASAP! 😀

  43. emy

    i hope this comes in t-mobile and i hope i can order it somewere.

  44. sammi

    this is not a lime green razor.This is the razor i don`t want so can i see a lime green razor

  45. Dawn

    Please let me know when this is coming out. I have to have it.

  46. Bri

    ohhhh i’m getting a razr tomorrow i’m so excited …i hope they’ll have lime green in…is it out now? Because i so totally want this PHONE!!

  47. bertha

    Does the lime green razr come in verizon?

  48. Courtney

    Does this phone come in Verizon?..I sure hope so..Its my fav color!

  49. kaylie

    well sorry to say guys but ive already recieved the most awsome and recent LIME GREEN RAZR!!!

  50. micheala

    is there really a lime green razr?

  51. hayley

    when can i get this and does it come in T-Mobile?
    Where can i get this sweet lookin phone cause i want to be the first in Lake Orion to get it


    When and where can i get this awesome phone ???
    will this phone come out for T-Mobile??

  53. xoxgoodriddance

    omg. this is my favorite color. will they have it for t-mobile and where can i find it?

  54. Becca

    dat phone rox! how much?

  55. HAHA!!

    Haha suckers I already have it! :p, and yes there really is a lime green RAXR!

  56. Lexi


  57. Desiree

    I love the color green and razr;s are great phones, I want one so badly and would pay good money for one!!

  58. ggg green

    hey this phone better come out for T-Mobile
    and when does it go on sale o and when does it come out email me!!

  59. jack

    green is my favorite color and i would love to have this phone
    could u please tell me where i can get it and how much it would cost and does it come in at&t

  60. Christine

    When does the Green One Come OUT?!
    I totally Want One!!
    I’ll pay anything to get one!!

  61. kayleigh

    When can i get this phone I love it and can I get it

  62. Elizabeth

    Try Ebay! LOL

  63. paige

    i bought mine on ebay yesterday. we’ll see if it’s actually green when it comes..
    you can buy them online unlocked so you can get them for any network.

  64. sporsterchick07

    I Love the color of the new razor cell phone! (im so getting it!)

  65. lola

    i have this phone it is so cool i love it it comes with a knew feature digi remiders yes you can purchase this anywere

  66. katie

    HEY IT IS LIME GREEN I WANT THIS PHONE!! can us cellar poeple get it???

  67. Km

    i NEEEED this phone. that is it. i NEED it. is it available for Verizon???? and if so when will it b out?

  68. DS

    i got one for christmas!.. i love ittt!

  69. Ruth

    i love this phone…were can i get it and how much does it cost?

  70. chrissy

    i like the lime green razor it’s so cute can i get one being a verizon wirless customer?

  71. lacey friddle

    i want to get this phone and i want this phone by friday

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