Stop staring at the screen! Study says Light Pollution may lead to cancer

by Gareth Mankoo

Those who are a brave keepers of this planet and its many elements are proud to bring forth every aspect that could make the planet better, even if it means creating a stir in the minds of the common man. We salute this and its effectiveness. Now, however, the entire revolution may be taking an uncomfortable turn as the aspect of ‘light pollution’ has taken the spotlight. A video and a fair bit of research is making rounds, telling everyone that light pollution is the new demon. With displays concentrating on multiplying brightness, thre researchers at the International Dark-Sky Association claim that excessive number of glowing screens and the likes ‘are causing cancer, increasing insomnia, spurring sexual dysfunction, and hurting the migratory patterns of animal species’.

“The starscapes we do see today are a far and faint cry from those that the rest of humankind gazed up to for centuries,” reads the video’s landing page. “This is why the broad bright strokes of Van Gogh’s Starry Night feel so carnivalesque. And it’s why the term ‘Milky Way’ doesn’t make much sense to us anymore.” So, you surely do not want to risk impotency or mental strain. How about moving to e-paper for a change?