LifeFitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill for iPod lovers

by deepa

I find treadmills too boring to exercise on……I mean just keep on walking at one place endlessly without any entertainment. Personally I would prefer walking or jogging out in the open and keep myself entertained with the bustle around and obviously my iPod plugged to my ear. But if the weather forces me to stay indoors then it’s the Platinum Club Treadmill with iPod compability and a 15-inch LCD that might stimulate my legs to get on. It has a USB port built-in to allow you to power your iPod, manage play lists, watch videos and more through the integrated 15-inch LCD. What’s more is that as you run you can catch on with your favorite movie directly from your iPod. It also boasts of a virtual trainer program and USB compatibility so you can save your workout data onto a thumb drive to take home.

The only injurious feature about this treadmill is that it carries a scaly price tag of $8000.
Via – Luxurylaunches

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