150-pound life-sized white chocolate R2-D2 is sweeter than most Lego tributes

by Gareth Mankoo

We’re totally done and fed up with all those stunning and painstakingly created Lego tributes that have made their rounds, paying homage to key Star Wars characters, their mother ships and so forth. It’s time you got these wonderful creations out in an avatar that is more palatable. Chef Fernando Arreola from The Fairmont San Jose was inspired by the Star Wars Exposition across his street and decided to pay tribute to the most loved droid in the universe. The 150-pount R2-D2 is made up completely with white chocolate.

Besides being edible, one amazing fact of having ourselves a palatable Star Wars character is that we take a convenient step away from the conventional hardware driven replicas that keep rolling in, every now and then. The Fairmont San Jose posted the image on their Facebook page.


[Via – Geeks-Are-Sexy]

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