LG’s solar powered e-book

by Dhiram Shah

There is too much sunlight in certain parts of the world that can be utilized more efficiently than getting a great tan. LG Display designed a solar e-book featuring a wafer-fin photovoltaic cell that provides it with a steady stream of solar energy. The e-books are light and versatile and can be used to carry around conveniently than carrying a trunk of books. People now prefer to use e-books rather than paper books as they will be saving a lot of trees from being chopped. Demerits of this gadget is on a rainy day when you have to have to finish the climax of this great book you are reading, it just goes off when least expected. LG is hoping to harness the sun’s rays to power its display.

The book, if kept in the sun for four or five hours will give you one full day of reading. A working prototype of the e-book will be on display at the International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) in Seoul.

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