LG’s new vacuum cleaner can be controlled with a smart phone

by Dhiram Shah

At the IFA fair, LG will showcase its latest robotic vacuum cleaner ‘VR6180VMNC’, like its Japanese competitor from Toshiba it packs an array of sensors, 51 to be precise. In addition to these it has 3 cameras which will map your surroundings and along with the data from the sensors compute the best way to clean up your dirt. Here is the interesting part this little cleaner connects via WiFi and streams live images with sound which you can view on a computer or smartphone and also control it. A sane mind will use it to monitor the home when away, take a look at what fluffy is biting on in the afternoon, what the insane mind can do with a smartphone controlled vacuum cleaner with 3 video cameras, I leave it you.

The VR6180VMNC operates at a silent 18db and can understand select voice commands too. It will be available in Korea for 899,000 KRW ($ 750).
[LG – Korean]