LG’s Blast Chiller chills your beer in less than five minutes!

by Gavril Mankoo

Ever ended up purchasing a warm can of beer only to indulge in a futile attempt to chill it quickly in time for the game on TV? Well, the regular refrigerators we use sure as hell posses no such powers whatsoever. So, to have your beverages chill quicker, LG recently unveiled its last-minute-house-party-friendly refrigerator, complete with a Blast Chiller that quickly cools and chills your beverages of choice. The Fridge sporting a French door comes with 31 cubic feet (877 liters) of space for food storage and the award winning Blast Chiller feature that bagged the “Best of Innovations” Award at the ongoing CES 2012. However, the Blast Chiller section sports just enough space to store a single 12 oz. can of soda or beer, cooling it to near freezing point in below 5 minutes.