LG’s 55-inch OLED display measures in at just 4mm “thick”

by Gavril Mankoo

LG has had the world speculating giving fans nothing more than peeks at its upcoming 55-inch OLED display screen. The manufacturer has finally unveiled the official design which will hit store shelves soon at a recent event in Monaco. Called the 55EM9600, this sleek TV comes with a carbon fibre back sporting the AV connectors with three USB ports on the side. Slim as ever, measuring in at just 4mm and weighing around 10kgs, this 55-inch display comes with CINEMA 3D technology and Smart TV capabilities. A fantastic addition to your living space which we think is bound to have you spend longer hours at home; the 55EM9600 is speculated to be priced at roughly around $10,063.


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