LG.Philips develops world’s largest LCD panel measuring 100 inches

by Dhiram Shah

LG.Philips LCD a joint venture between LG and Philips today announced that they have developed the world’s largest LCD panel measuring 100 inches wide. It is 1.5 times bigger than the current largest LCD panel of 82-inches and is similar in size to the largest plasma display panel (PDP) currently available. Developed at LG.Philips LCD’s P7, which the company claims is the world’s largest seventh-generation (7G) substrate (1950×2250mm) fabrication line, in Paju, South Korea, the 100-inch panel is a wide screen (16:9) LCD TV panel with a screen width and height exceeding 2.2m and 1.2m, respectively. Using proprietary copper-based interconnect technology the 100 inch LCD panel has a response time of only 5 ms and offers 6.22 million-pixel picture quality. It has a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a 180 degree viewing angle.

LG.Philips LCD’s Executive Vice President for Development Center, Sang Deog Yeo, said, “Our development of the 100-inch LCD panel reaffirms that LG.Philips LCD is the global leader in large-area LCD technology. Technological advances for large-area LCD TVs, such as the 100-inch LCD, will act as a catalyst that accelerates customer demand for high picture quality and large screens.”


  1. moneer

    who i can bay this lcd 100″
    i need it.can you tell me

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    I want to buy one.tell me about it, please.


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