LG Versa Transformers edition phone

by Dhiram Shah

The new Transformer move titled “Revenge of the Fallen” has specially designed LG Versa phones to promote it. The phone lives up to the reputation, thanks to the transformation capability of the phone that allows different modules to be added to its existing functionality. In simple words, LG keeps developing new features that can be added to the phone, like the game pad for the phone that’s currently under development. If you are seeking any change in functionality as compared to the regular Versa then there’s nothing much to find. It’s just the catchy Transformers artwork on the back cover and the outer flap and some graphic that’s made especially for the movie.

These will be available in limited numbers, so if you are a Transformers and LG fanatic then here’s something to get your hands on before stocks run out. There isn’t much said about the pricing of the phone but if it is to go by the price tag of the regular Versa then it should cost you $200 with a 2 year Verizon deal signed!