LG RoboCyking a self tailing vacuum – Women worldwide rejoice

by Dhiram Shah

If you cannot afford a smartphone controlled, sensor laden vacuum cleaner then dont worry. LG has announced the RoboCyking (VK9101LHAY) which is a self tailing vacuum cleaner. Over the years vacuums have evolved in form, function and efficiency but moving them around when cleaning has always been a drag and a painful task. This auto-moving cleaner with dust compression system comes in with a ultrasonic wave sensing technology, is also equipped with sophisticated algorithm able to control the robot and high-tech mechanism to operate the machine, enabling the device to tag along automatically wherever a user goes about in the house. The user does not sprain his / her back when cleaning and the possibility of getting the flimsy hosepipe torn is also reduced. It generates a noise level of 57db which is one of the lowest levels in the Korean market.

The RoboCyking will definitely give the expensive robotic cleaners a run for their money. Dont expect this baby to land up at your local Walmart or BestBuy soon.