LG KP4000 the two way slider.

by Dhiram Shah

LG has re-invented the slider. This one goes down to reveal the keypad and can then go up the other way to reveal the camera. They are calling it the LG KP4000. Ok, so whats the point besides looking superbly cool? Well the 1.3 mega pixel camera thats in the KP4000 rotates automatically. As soon as you slide the lower half to the top, the camera rotates to face you, allowing self portraits. Shut it or slide it back and the camera faces the other way. Other features of the KP4000 include having a built in GPS facility, bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with wireless printers. As an added bonus, LG has also decided to include 35 of the latest POP songs under license from EMI. Expect the KP4000 to retail for about 400 dollars. Via – Phoneyworld

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