LG introduces WCD-800 wireless charger at MWC

by Gavril Mankoo

At the recent Mobile World Congress, LG pulled the veil off an interesting concept that could pretty much make the event of juicing up your mobile phone slightly less stressful. Mobile phone usage while charging is limited to quite an extent, given the fact that the phone needs to be tethered to the charging outlet in order to juice up. LG’s WCD-800 changes this however, given the fact that this charger works wirelessly with electric coils and magnetic fields. Simply put, the WCD-800 enables you to move around with your phone, watch videos, send messages and do a lot more while it charges in portrait or landscape mode. Pricing however hasn’t been mentioned, and we suspect just how many LG phone uses would drop their traditional wired chargers and spend more for a wireless charger as such.

[Via CNET]

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