LG goes Android crazy, announces two new Handsets LG LU2300 and SU950/KU9500

by Shayne Rana

LG is going Android crazy as they’ve just announced two new handsets running on the Google platform. The LG LU2300 and SU950/KU9500 are the new snappy looking smartphones on the block and are sure to make headlines when they hit the shelves. These handsets come with some pretty impressive specs that include 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPUs, 3.5-inch AMOLED 800×480 touchscreen displays, Dolby mobile surround sound, terrestrial DMB, Wi-Fi and GPS with 5-megapixel cameras. LG’s SU2300 comes with an additional feature though a full QWERTY slide out keypad with a built-in trackpad, similar to the MILESTONE.

LG’s also incorporating a system they’re calling “LG Air Sync” into these babies that will allow you to sync your data, media etc. wirelessly with your PC. “Scan Search” (an augmented reality application) another new feature that I’m hearing of, will also be available. The LG SU2300 run on Android 1.6, but come July-August, it will be upgraded to Android 2.1. The LG SU950/KU9500 should be out in June and it will also run on Android 2.1. Unfortunately there’s no mention of prices.

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