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LG GGW-H10N drive supports HD-DVD and Blu-Ray media

by Dhiram Shah

Saving you precious moolah and delivering the best of both worlds here is the LG GGW-H10N drive. It can read both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray media but can only write on single and dual layer BD-R/RE discs and not on HD-DVD discs. Although it can write on DVD and CD-R discs. LG has termed the drive as Super Multi Blue, it connects via SATA interface.

Start saving now as the LG GGW-H10N drive will be available by end of January for $ 1200.
Internal circuit
Blu-Ray playback

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  1. antoine

    Hey i want to ask a question we can play and wathc dvd in the same time and what is the lengh of this device and if i can have an informations about it
    thank you anyway have a nice day bye


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