LG Emotional series LCD monitors

by Dhiram Shah

“Emotional series” is a strange name for LCD monitors but as LG says “The Emotional series goes one step further, presenting not only visual beauty, but also emotional sensation for the user,” which we fail to understand but the monitor looks great. The monitors have a contrast ratio of 1600:1, response time of 4ms and is only 18mm thick. It delivers crisp and clear images via “F-Engine”. But that’s not what really matters. The “Emotional” series seek to provide relief and composure from everyday hassle of long hours of computer use, and also sensitivity deriving from its simple and elegant outline. The effort and craftsmanship committed makes the “Emotional” series a masterpiece worthy of possession.

The “Emotional” series provides 3 types of stand with a black and white color selection and a luxurious glossy finishing for the final touch to allow consumers to choose the style of their desire.

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