LG Display unveils 0.7mm thin flexible electronic paper display

by Gavril Mankoo

LG Display recently showed the world what could very well be the next best way to communicate in the near future. a probable successor to the evergreen newspaper and tabloid, LG Display unveiled this plastic electronic paper display (EPD) technology that could pretty much hog the limelight in the electronic paper industry up ahead. A 6″ XGA display at 1024 x 768 resolution, this display will use e-ink and sports a paper-like reading experience, using a plastic substrate. Flexible and bendable to a range of 40 degrees, this e-paper is also extremely thin, measuring in at just 0.7mm, about 33% slimmer than conventional EPD designs while weighing in at a mere 14 grams! Also, this one’s durable to quite an extent and has been subjected to drop tests from heights of 1.5 meters above ground to assure the butter-fingered few.


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