LG BD670 Blu-ray player packs Wi-Fi support

by Gareth Mankoo

Whenever you talk about Blu-ray players you have to consider the fact that they’re wonders of portable data storage. The LG BD670 player enters the ring with additiobal features that give it an Internet user’s thumbs-up. And given that just about everyone is an Internet user, we’re in for a fine product here. It packs in-built Wi-Fi, along with amazing streaming capabilities, giving it instant distinguishing features on the store racks. What’s more is that it is kept and maintained as a simple design with a standard disc tray slot, unlike the in vogue slot-loading design.

The DLNA capability works well enough for those who’re looking for more in a Blu-ray player. It also packs a HDMI port, a card slot and analog stereo output.

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