LG and YouTube bring home the 3D experience through your smartphone

by Shalu Pillai

LG Electronics (LG) and YouTube have joined hands to unveil a new, unique 3D mobile experience for its users. LG’s upcoming Android-powered premium smartphones will allow users to capture and view 3D videos without glasses as well as upload and share them instantly with others via YouTube, eliminating two key hindrances of any 3D experience – limited mobility and specialized glasses. Powered by a “Tri-Dual” Configuration — dual-core, simultaneous dual-channel and dual-memory, LG’s advanced Optimus 3D will be unveiled at the 2011 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and will be the first of its kind to provide a YouTube 3D experience. The Optimus 3D is expected to be globally available from the second quarter of 2011.

The new partnership is part of the company’s broader push into 3D entertainment, to enrich the 3D experience in a simple way for consumers through a medium as convenient as your 3D-capable smartphone.

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