LG Unveils Indoor-outdoor Delivery Robot

by roshan

LG today unveiled a new delivery robot that can serve both indoor and outdoor environments as LG tries to expand its competitiveness in the robotics sector. LG unveiled its indoor-outdoor delivery robot at the 18th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots in Gangneung. The four-wheel robot boasts enhanced mobility as it can self-adapt to terrain changes. LG plans to test run the latest robot at the end of this year with more verification work. LG already has commercialized indoor delivery robots and tested outdoor delivery robots.

The new robot will bring a big change to the logistics industry, according to LG, as demand for robots is increasing amid the contactless trend. LG has been trying to beef up its presence in the robotics industry in recent years. Last year, it established a robotics lab in Boston, the United States, and has been working with Kim Sang-bae, a MIT professor, to develop a robot with physical intelligence capability.

[Via: The Korea Bizwire]